Add-on "Blog Highlights" allows embedding and displaying of personalized news channels for a user. Providing personalized news channels is achieved by configuring up to three user's profile attributes (like country, branch, language).

Get started

This add-on provides tailoring blog highlights / news channels / newsfeeds according to up to three user's profile attributes.

To get started open the add-on manager, scroll to "Blog Highlights", open details view and select "Get started" or "Configure". Both open the "News Channel Configuration" which is available on the left-sided navigation in Confluence administration too.

  • You can choose up to three user profile fields that determin which news channels a user will see (e.g. on the intranets homepage/dashboard).
  • After having selected the attributes you configure which space blogs the user will see according to her attributes' values.
  • Let's say a user has the value "Washington" in her profile as her branch. So you decide her to deliver all news (blog entries) from the space "CNW".

Further configuration

For further configuration read how to configure


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