We have introduced metadata fields in checklists to allow the population of relevant context information about the checklists that you fill out. This information is a text-only input field in our first iteration. We offer suggestions from entires that other users of the same template used in the past.

Creating a metadata field in the admin area

You can define as many fields as you want as metadata. Fields can be mandatory, you can show a placeholder text and even insert a preset value. 

Filling out a checklist with metadata

Suggestions are shown as a dropdown when filling out a metadata field.

Planned enhancements

  • Ability to filter in checklist list for metadata
  • Search for checklist content and metadata
  • Erase suggestions from dropdown menu easily

Use cases

  • Cleaning a hotel room
  • Food safety under HACCP
  • Software deployments with version numbers, test people, ...
  • Onboarding- and Offboarding-Checklists in HR

Todos on this page

  • Canny wish
  • Build an example of meta data as an animated GIF
  • Explain the feature for users
  • Give a step-by-step explanation of how to configure it.
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This content was last updated on 11/16/2022.

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