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Unfortunately, we no longer offer roomie externally.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about alternative room booking systems that work with Google Workspace.

Goodbye to room chaos

roomie is a lightweight room booking system that works with Google Workspace's Calendar and its resources and room management. On the hardware side, touch screens or tablets are used, which are optionally coupled with a Raspberry Pi.

Appointments that are entered in Google Calendar and for which a meeting room has been selected are automatically displayed on the touch screens of the respective meeting rooms.

Thanks to roomie, your employees can see directly whether a meeting room is still available, whether and with which appointment it is occupied and how long the appointment will last.

You can also use the touch screen of the meeting room to display all other appointments that will still take place in this room.

If a room is free, you can block it directly on the touch screen with just two finger taps for the desired time.

Your appointment is automatically transferred to the meeting room's resource calendar in Google Calendar, so other employees know that the room is currently unavailable.

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This page was last edited on 02/22/2022.