roomie as a software solution works independently from any specific hardware. It's simply a progressive web app, which means it's particularly easy to deploy to ChromeOS and Android based devices. 

However, you can also use it from your desktop computer or mobile phone, where it supplements some of Google Calendar's missing functionality. 

Devices from partnered manufacturers

AOPEN Chromebase Mini 11''

The Chromebase Mini is a solid-state interactive solution designed to be extremely reliable and secure, making it ideal for interactive public displays in high traffic environments (i.e. as a digital signage, POS, kiosking, meeting room management or corporate environments). 

Check out the specsheet here. Pricing starts at EUR 369,-

Handcrafted solutions

Raspberry Pi based

Hook up a touchscreen of your choosing (or check out this one) to a Raspberry Pi, point it to the roomie page and handle configuration per-device using HTTP query parameters. Truly independent and available at an unbeatable price. 


This is what the kit may look like directly after unpacking


Connect the parts as shown


Fit everything into an enclosure

End Result

What it may look like on the wall

Contact us now for more information about roomie-compatible hardware options

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