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  • Partner-Roadshow for and Linchpin in Your City
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  • Bigger orders from customers almost always involve a personal contact and a lot of relationship building.
  • We would like to make Linchpin events very easy and lightweight to do. The idea is a small and intimate meeting with 2-10 people with a workshop atmosphere. It can be in your office or we'll organize something like a co-working space.
  • The only thing you need to do is to present Linchpin. Everything else will be done by us. For the first event, we can help you with the presentation and give you slides and material and prep you beforehand.
  • Feel free to invite your own customers as well. All new leads from the event will be yours. We'll support you selling.
  • The idea is not to impress people but to offer easy options to get in touch personally.
  • Interactive parts
    • Will you invite your customers?
    • Are you interested? If not, why not?
    • How do you recruit your participants for your events? How could we help with that?
    • Would you prefer to do such an event in your own city?
  • German live blog for our Linchpin roadshow:
  • Intranets in Large Enterprises with Confluence Data Center - Linchpin Roadshow
  • Linchpin Roadshow - Event in XXX on XX.XX.XXXX

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