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General info

Beds1 King sized
PAXSuitable for 1 or 2 people
Rooms1 Working area, 1 Meeting room, 1 Living Roum / Lounge, 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Guest toilet, 1 bathroom (with shower), 1 kitchen
AddressWiesbaden, Kirchgasse 7
AvailabilityContact us, please!
CostThe flat is free for our guests. We do not offer it for pay.
CleaningWill be done before you arrive and after you leave. If you need cleaning during your stay, please tell us.
ExclusivityThree rooms (1 Working area, 1 Meeting room, 1 Living Roum / Lounge) can be booked and used by our employees as regular business venues. The bedroom and the bathroom are always locked. If you require it or feel better we can block out the whole flat for you. This is especially recommended, if you bring a significant other or family with you.


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