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What we offer: Large intranet projects based on Confluence

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has extended Confluence with 12+ apps to take Atlassian Confluence to the next level as a social intranet. Linchpin, our comprehensive extended intranet suite, can kick out the "established players" like SharePoint, IBM, JIVE, etc. 

The Linchpin solution is priced from 40k USD for 100 users and goes up to 175k USD for unlimited users and is fully aligned with the Atlassian sales model and its tiers.


What we want: You do the project, we build the intranet technology

Confluence alone cannot beat SharePoint and many other intranet competitors, but Linchpin can. We (//SEIBERT/MEDIA) are focused on building the Linchpin technology. We want to help you understand how to offer and provide your customers with a full project.



What you get as a partner: The complete deal

Theoretically everything in this project can be done by third party vendors or other Atlassian experts:

  • Offer and sell the project
  • Buy and deploy the licenses (Confluence, 12+ Linchpin apps, additional Marketplace apps)
  • Plan and deliver the package of professional services

According to the Intranet Design Annual (a study by the Nielsen Norman Group) the following services are most requested by customers:

  • Audience targeting
  • Benchmarking
  • Branding
  • Concept creation and review
  • Content migration
  • Development
  • Documentation
  • Functional specification
  • Information architecture
  • Interviews
  • Needs analysis
  • Process reviews
  • Prototyping
  • Quality assurance
  • Intranet implementation
  • Support
  • Taxonomy
  • Training
  • Usability testing
  • Video creation
  • Visual design
  • Wireframing

From a 175,000 USD deal for a Linchpin intranet project for unlimited users, a skilled partner can provide all 75,000 USD of services. An Atlassian Partner can manage and deliver the complete deal including all services and all licenses.


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for Partners?

We can help you as a Partner in a variety of ways. We could do presentations together with you for your customers. You can register your customers with us so we keep you in the loop if they contact us directly. We could create blog posts for your blog. We can help you with an email campaign. We can offer branding-free material about Confluence-based intranets. Contact us if any of this sounds interesting.

Why do you want me as a Partner?

Linchpin is a relatively new solution that is currently only developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. Our capacity to roll out new intranet projects is very small and we'll soon reach a point where we can no longer render the needed services. That's why we want to include Partners.

I do not like your pricing. We want to sell that differently. Is that possible?

Sure. Feel free to make offers to your customers that fit your company profile and your existing project structure. Some partners have been able to sell intranet projects with higher budgets and that include more strategic and conceptual design work upfront. That is totally fine.

I need your logos and design elements. How can I get them?

Download our Linchpin logos and key visuals. Please contact us, if you need help or something else.

Who can become a Linchpin Partner?

Any official Atlassian Partner or intranet professional service provider can be a Linchpin Partner. Companies that actively offer Linchpin to their customers include: beecom, Clearvision, Communardo, ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwer, Empulse, Hirschtec, Ichbinihrekundenbrille, Isos Technology, Netapsys, reality bites, Parsec Pacific, TechTime, TNG Technology Consulting, ...

Who would I typically be working with in customer Linchpin projects?

Linchpin intranets are top down projects. You will typically speak to the head of corporate communications and the head of IT. In companies with fewer than 1,000 employees the CEO is often involved personally. 

I have no idea how a Linchpin project works?

Our documentation covers the technical, organizational and cultural change that typically goes on in such a project. We will happily share that with you in joint projects. In most cases we will try to do the first project together with you.

What is the target group for Linchpin intranets?

The customers that are most interested in Linchpin are big corporations with 1,000 employees or more. We have a couple of smaller customers as well. For multinational businesses with many locations or distributed teams, Linchpin helps them enormously. Most customers are currently from "traditional industries", but all industries have shown interest, including some on the cutting-edge of technology. As a rule of thumb: More than 1,000 employees? Confluence seems interesting? Linchpin is for you!

Can we present Linchpin at trade shows or events?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to do so. We can even help you with a financial support and with design. You can see our trade show equipment, and borrow it from us:



Linchpin swag for our partners at trade shows

We can put it all in a box and send it to you!

To help you promote Linchpin, we have prepared a few marketing materials. Are you organizing an event, participating in a conference, or talking to potential customers? Take us with you! Let us know what we can do to help you promote Linchpin better. We are here to support you.





How to qualify Linchpin leads or identify existing customers as Linchpin prospects

Rating with points

Every line in the following list is worth one point:

  1. Customer has more than 500 users.
  2. Customer has more than 2,000 users.
  3. Customer has multiple locations in different countries.
  4. Employees speak more than one language.
  5. Customer has employees that do not have their own desktop computer or do not work in front of it most of the time.
  6. Customer has a lot of employees that need to travel and be out in the field regularly.
  7. Customer knows Confluence or is genuinely interested.
  8. Customer is open to Atlassian solutions and does not strictly adhere to a Microsoft-only strategy.
  9. Customer is in one of the following branches: manufacturing, healthcare (especially hospitals), retail, real estate, logistics, government ("old economy")

As a rule of thumb we think that good leads should reach 4 or 5 points at least. For leads that score 7 to 9 points we feel that it is highly likely you can successfully sell Linchpin.




Become a Linchpin Partner now!

Fill out the contact form below and start collaborating with us. We offer remote sessions, personal meetings, joint sales pitches and projects that we actually implement together.


Register a deal

If you already are in contact with a company that is interested in Linchpin intranets, please tell us about it. We will then register a deal with you and keep you in the loop whenever this customer contacts us about Linchpin directly.


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