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  • Linchpin Intranet and Atlassian Confluence Data Center - Roadshow with Partners
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The idea

We offer to run events, around Germany and internationally, to present our social intranet Linchpin together with you, our partner. We take care of the organization. The concept is intended to appeal to decision makers in large companies, where the concept of intranets and related issues would be explained and discussed in an informal setting.

Why you should be interested

We want to help you win new Linchpin intranet customers, so they will implement a Linchpin project with you and buy the technology from you:

  • From our experience, more than 50% of new customers who turn up to such events are likely to find an intranet project with a local partner attractive.
  • We expect events to be with a small, select group. This supports an intensive discussion, which can be continued beyond the event.

Important notes

  • Motto for the events: Intranets in large enterprises with Confluence Data Center
  • We take care of organizing the location & catering and also pay the costs. If you would like to hold the event in your own office, we would be delighted to attend. But that is not a requirement.
  • We organize the registration of the interested attendees. Of course, we look forward to your support.
  • You will attend the event and introduce Linchpin (and Confluence Data Center). This should be done by someone who knows both products well.
  • Leads collected from the event are passed on to Atlassian (anonymized, with only domain extensions). Leads, as usual, will be processed together.
  • Presentations should be carried out by official Linchpin partners, where possible. We have arranged locations with the 'home turf advantage' of our partners in mind. Of course, we can move an event to your preferred location and date, when that would be better for you.
  • The only events that we will host ourselves, will be in locations where we have no local partner. If you want to participate in other places as a host, please let us know.
  • We'd love to spend some extra time with you, on the day of the event, before or afterwards, so we can get to know more about you and help your team deepen its knowledge of Linchpin and its features and possibilities.

Next Steps

Not yet an official Linchpin partner? Learn more about our partner program and apply today:

Are you an existing partner and want to be a part of our Linchpin Roadshow? Let's make your event a great one! Fill out the form or send us an email suggesting another city or date. We'll get back to you quickly!

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