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Channels for lead generation

  • You start talking about Linchpin
    • Personally with your customers
    • Digitally with Emails and Newsletters
    • In Social Media you retweet, share and comment on Linchpin posts, videos and new features and discuss them with your customers.
    • In events like our Linchpin and roadshows
    • With Landing-Pages to new customers.
  • We pass leads on to you. 
    • We list you as a partner on our website.
    • We hand over customer requests that we get to you. (In 2017 we have given more than 100 international Linchpin leads to our partners.)
    • Please apply as a official Linchpin partner and partner now to benefit from this yourself.

Going through the sales channel

  • Register your deals
    First thing if you get a lead is to register it with us:, Linchpin (bottom) - If you don't register deals, the most awkward situations arise. Registered deals get higher margins.
  • We support at all sales stages. 
    You can sell our products even if you need our help throughout the whole sales process. We'll support you in every single step, if you want it. We have done it with others. It's normal in the beginning.
  • It's a long sales cycle.
    The sales process involves a lot of activities: intial phone call, requirements analysis (often RFP processes), remote demonstration of the software, on-site presentation, contract communication
  • Fidelity
    We ensure that you'll benefit from your investments in the Linchpin sales process through our Linchpin-Management-App.

Lead Generation

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