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Header and footer data

Extract the zip file and open the JavaScript file: "htdocs/prod/js/partner_customization.js". There is an object called "partnerData" with following data:

  • partnerLogo: insert a path to your logo
    • relative path in your copy of the website, e.g.: "/prod/img/YOUR_LOGO_FILENAME.png"
    • online available logo, e.g.: ""
  • headerEmail: this email is used in the header link "email contact" and on the blue button in the footer
  • headerPhoneText: this text is also used in the header and on the button in the footer as text
  • headerPhoneLink: this is the link data which has to be in the following format: +49123456789 (leading "+" with global number, followed by local number without leading "0"); this item is used in header and footer, see "headerPhoneText"
  • googleAnalyticsUACode: your Google Analytics Code, e.g. "UA-12345678-9"
  • googleAnalyticsDomain: your domain, e.g. ""
    • this is used for Google Analytics and in the footer form

Original header layout:

Customized header layout:

Original footer layout:

Customized footer layout:

Recipient footer form

  • open the PHP file "htdocs/prod/php/form.php"
  • insert your recipient email in line 7:
    • $recipient = "";
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