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Getting leads for Confluence-based intranets is the first step

Selling Linchpin Intranets for you as a Linchpin Partner starts with finding customers that want to enhance their Confluence to become an intranet for all employees or substitute their current intranet with a Confluence-based Intranet. As soon as you have such leads and contacts we'll guide you through the whole sales cycle until you feel confident selling Linchpin on your own. Please see this video to learn what we do after we get leads.


Your contacts

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Why you should create a Linchpin Landing-Page

Get new leads and have a page to send them

Whenever you get in contact with a person that is interested in a Confluence-based Intranet you now have a landing page to send them. You can use this in emails and in online comments as links to collect new leads.

Address your existing Confluence customers

Whenever a Confluence breaks out of a department and starts growing into a whole company, you want to talk about Linchpin with customers that have more than 500 users. Companies below that will most likely be okay with some of the add-ons that are also available at the Atlassian marketplace.

Make sure that Linchpin leads are your registered leads

It is not optimal if your customers should contact //SEIBERT/MEDIA when they are interested in Linchpin Intranets. It would be better if they contact you and we help you to convert them to Linchpin customers and remain your main contacts. We often do not know, if customers have been serviced by other Atlassian partners earlier. If you market Linchpin actively all leads you generate will be registered for you and we will make sure, that customers get also in contact with you when they contact us afterwards.

Attract new customers with a compelling offering and sell a lot of professional services

Linchpin is especially interesting for large organizations. Large enterprises often have bigger budgets and are attractive customers for Atlassian partners. Please also see the reasons on our partner info page.


Use our templates to create your own Linchpin Intranet Landing-Page in a snap

This is the data you will need for a minimal customization of your landing page:

  • Your Logo (You need a file of your logo.)
  • Public Email Address (part of the header)
  • Phone number (part of the header)
  • Contact form (part of the footer)
  • Email address that filled out forms should go to
  • Your Google Analytics Code

Do it yourself approach for tech-savvy partners

  1. Download our git repository as a zip file or get the code on Github (planned):
    1. english version:
    2. german version: 
  2. Deploy the Linchpin website on your own server
  3. Make changes according to our documentation

Hassle-free full service approach

If you do not have technical staff available or just want to try our Linchpin sales easily, we're happy to help you and support your landing page creation and deployment.

If you want Linchpin to be part of your own domain, you'll have to create a CNAME nameserver entry for or

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