Please use the following table to help you evaluate and compare Google G Suite and Microsoft Office365.


 G Suite Basic

Office 365 Business Essentials

G Suite Business

Office 365 Business

Price per user per month (with a yearly subscription)€5,204.20€10,408.80
Email addresses with your own domainYesYesYesNo

Text editing

Yes, with Google Docs

 Web version of Word

Yes, with Google Docs

 Desktop version of Word with Office 2016


Yes, with Google Sheets

 Web version of Excel

Yes, with Google Sheets

 Desktop version of Excel with Office 2016

User defined forms for surveys and questionnaires

Yes, with Google Forms Yes, with Google Forms 


Yes, with Google Slides

 Web version of PowerPointYes, with Google Slides Desktop version of PowerPoint with Office 2016

Online calendar


Online calendar


Video conferencing

Hangouts Meet

Skype for Business

Hangouts Meet-


Google Sites


Google Sites


Internal social networkGoogle+YammerGoogle+-
Cloud30 GB1 TBunlimited 1 TB

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