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Update your contact information

As you surely know, we have to contact you by mail from time to time. (But you are surely happy about that anyway... Right?!).

Sometimes, we receive feedback that the contact person for such product mails has changed or that an additional person should be contacted in such cases, too.

Sometimes we can observe ourselves that our mails don't reach you.

How can it be that the data is not correct?

Whether we can reach your company or not often depends on which contact is defined as the "technical contact" in the Atlassian Marketplace.

We often observe that mail addresses used as a technical contact are not really actively read. For us as a product provider, however, this "technical contact" serves as a contact person for important communication.

On this page you can send us new contact data, so that we can reach you and your company with important information about our products. (These could be information about price changes, possible security vulnerabilities or other product relevant updates). 

Update your (company's) contact data

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This page was last edited on 06/24/2022.