What are stories?

If you ever used any form of social media, you are probably already familiar with this feature.

Stories allow you to quickly share any information with everyone in your workspace. Stories are ideal to share a snapshot of your life and feature a picture and an overlaid text caption.

Please keep in mind that stories do have an expiration date. After 24 hours of being published, a story will be hidden for the users. It will, however, not be deleted from the server.

Desktop view

Mobile view

How do I create stories?

To create stories you have to use the Linchpin Hey mobile app.

At the very top of your mobile app you will find the Stories section. Click on the Create your story card and the story creation overlay will open.


You can choose from three different image options when creating a new story. Image options are accessible via the image button .

When taking a photo, you can of course use either your normal camera on the backside of your device or the front facing camera. To switch between camera modes, click on the switch button .

Take a snap

Lets you take a quick photo. This function equals the big round camera shutter button at the center of the overlay.

Use your fingers in the usual pinch/spread motion to use the camera's zoom.

Take advanced photo

Opens your camera app and lets you take a more advanced photo using all functions of your mobile device's camera.

Choose from gallery

You don't always have to take new photos - perhaps you want to share an older image with your colleagues, or even something you found while browsing your favorite websites?

This button lets you choose an existing image stored on your mobile device.

Text caption

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes you need more, though. So feel free to add a caption to your image. Make it funny, for example. People like to laugh. (smile) 

(warning) At the moment, captions are limited to 110 characters.

React to stories

Since version 2.29 of Linchpin Hey, it's possible to react to stories and view the reactions of others!

Simply open a story, click on the React button and select the emoji that fits your emotions the most.

To view the reactions of others, click on the according reaction in the bottom left corner. An overview will open.

Link to this page: https://seibert.biz/heystories

This content was last updated on 02/14/2022.

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