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Setting up your own Linchpin Hey workspace is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

On this page, we will show you things you need to consider to get ready for Linchpin Hey.

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Step 1: Installation & Login

Create your intranet

Create your workspace: app.linchpin-hey.com

Install Linchpin Hey on your mobile devices:
Google Play Store (Android)
iOS App Store

Visit app.linchpin-hey.com and login with your Google account, your Apple-ID or sign up with email and password.

Choose "From Scratch" to set up a workspace with no pre-filled content. Choose a name and click "Create". Your workspace is ready for work.

Choose "Pre-Filled" to start with some demo content.

Step 2: Theming

Define your look and feel

Click on the administration wheel located in the left sidebar to add your company colors and logo.

Replace the default logo with your own and define colors for different content types (primary, secondary, info, warning and sidebar).

Notice that the preview on the right side changes live, as soon as you make your changes, giving you a preview of what your system will look like without the need to exit the configuration.

Step 3: Invitations

Invite your colleagues

There are different ways to invite your colleagues:

Visit the "People" section and click on "Invite". All you have to do now is to enter the email address of the people you want to invite. They will receive an email with a personalized link which will lead them directly to your intranet.

Use an invitation link. When a new colleague opens the invitation link, the system will notice the new mail and let them sign up for Linchpin Hey to have immediate access to their workspaces, both on mobile and the web.

Enable domain based accessYou can access this function in the administration. To reach the administration, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and click on the "Administration" button. Enter the domain which should be whitelisted for access to your intranet.

Step 4: Launchpad

Manage application shortcuts for quick access

Currently, only administrators can add new destinations to the launchpad:

  1. Click on the settings icon  in the Launchpad to access the administration of Launchpad destinations.
  2. Go to the administration via your avatar in the top right corner and navigate to the Launchpad tab.

Once in the administration, you can edit existing destinations or add new ones via the Add destination button. 

You can now enter the URL of your destination. The favicon of the given page will be generated automatically and the title of the page will be determined which can also be set manually if the automatically generated title does not meet your requirements.

Step 5: Integrations

Make it a knowledge base by integrating Atlassian and Google

In the administration, you will find the option "Integrations". It's possible to connect Atlassian Confluence (Cloud), Atlassian Jira (Cloud) and Google Cloud to Linchpin Hey.

Insert your Atlassian Cloud site URL and activate the check boxes depending on which tool(s) you want to connect (Confluence Cloud and / or Jira Cloud). A new tab will open and you will be asked to authorize Linchpin Hey (please make sure that the pop-up is not being blocked). Choose your site URL and proceed. Atlassian Cloud should be successfully connected now.

Now your teammates have to allow Linchpin Hey to get their user based information (e.g. watched issues or updated pages). They'll see an information box on the dashboard, after you've set up the initial connection. All they have to do now (only once for all devices), is to click on "Connect" and authorize Linchpin Hey.

Do you use Confluence Cloud?

If you're using Confluence Cloud, you can also integrate Linchpin Hey to see your content inside your knowledge management tool.

Learn More

Step 6: Profile

Complete your profile and tell people who you are

When viewing your profile, click on the "Edit" button to change your information.

Currently, you can add basic info, like your location, your name or your phone number & your email, and also more info about yourself, like a description, your skills or the languages you speak.

Step 7: Enjoy

Use it together with your team

Visit the news hub. Our astronaut Alfi will guide you to the "Write article" button. Otherwise, the feature is available in the "Your articles" section. We have implemented a really easy and clear editor. Add a title (this one is obligatory), a subtitle and some text. You can also copy and paste web images, upload an image or choose a picture from Unsplash. 

To create stories, you have to use the Linchpin Hey mobile app. At the very top of your mobile app, you will find the Stories section. Click on the "Create your story" card and the story creation overlay will open. You can choose from three different image options when creating a new story. Image options are accessible via the image button .

Visit the posts hub which is available through the left sidebar. As long as there is no post available, Alfi will guide you to the editor above, where you can create the first news for your colleagues.

To create an event, go to the event overview via the sidebar. Once within the event overview, you can create an event via the "+ Create" button. In the current version of events, you can set an event title, add a description, a date and the start and end time of your event. You can also change the header image.

Interact with your teammates
To mention others, enter their @name (at+name) in the text input area of posts, news or comments. Users who were mentioned will receive a notification about it, including a link to view the mention. The mention itself will become a clickable link which will open the profile of the mentioned user.

Step 8: Let us know what you think!

Give feedback & ask questions

Take a look at our technical documentation for more information about creating news, connecting third party tools and so on. 

Are you interested?

Start now with a free demo and do something for the social interaction in your company.

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