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With the mobile app for Linchpin, you can enable employees to work from any location and integrate people who don't work at their desktop into the company's activities. Find out about news, register for events on the go and access all the knowledge in your company - no matter where you are.

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Modern collaboration - even on the go!

The classic workday has long since ceased to take place exclusively at the desktop workplace. Business trips and new workplace concepts ensure that the place of work can vary for many professionals. Of course, there are also professions that are not "desk jobs" per se, and for some, the workday even begins on the way to the workplace.

If the company has an intranet in place, most content is probably created via the desktop. But how do your employees consume the information? Perhaps you too have wanted to check on the train in the morning to see when the morning workshop starts, or to look up some information on a Confluence page in the run-up to a meeting. The development of the last few years shows: Information is increasingly being consumed on mobile devices.

Linchpin offers you a mobile solution that integrates you into the company processes even when you are not at your desktop workstation. This way, you can always be reached and have access to all important information. Regardless of where you are at the moment.

You can keep up with shared news, discover new events and log in and out, share activities with others via the microblog, and access the entire company knowledge. Of course, the app also offers the interaction options you're used to from the web version, so you can also like, share, and comment on content on the go. Push notifications keep you informed of everything going on in the company at all times and can also be quickly viewed in between.

Whether and to what extent mobile functions are used is up to the users. The Linchpin mobile app is available for free download for the Android platform via the Google Play Store and for Apple devices via the Apple App Store and can be adapted to your individual corporate design as part of a joint intranet project.

Linchpin Mobile at Seibert Media

The Linchpin mobile app is also used by many colleagues in our everyday working lives. Whether on the train on the way to work or on the way to a customer appointment: The app always keeps us up to date on what's happening at the company. In terms of a healthy work-life balance, it is important to us that it is up to the employees themselves whether they want to install the mobile app on their device or not.

In our short intranet story, Christina tells us exactly how we use the Linchpin mobile app in a company with almost 200 employees and how it makes our day-to-day work easier.

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Your knowledge - available everywhere

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Your company's knowledge should be available from anywhere. That's why Linchpin's mobile app lets you access all the content you've created with your colleagues. Deep integration with Atlassian Confluence means you can access all pages and stay up to date from anywhere.

With Linchpin, you can also access page structures on the go, monitor pages or mark them as favorites. Of course, the usual interaction options are also available in the mobile app, so you can mark pages with a "Like" from your smartphone, add a comment and share them with your colleagues in the company.

Using the corresponding tab in the app, you can search both pages and areas and thus find all content clearly.

Stay up to date

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Corporate communication on the go has never been easier. With Linchpin's mobile app, you can share information and news with your colleagues via microblog, allowing you to post anytime, anywhere. So you can share text, images, GIFs, videos and even Confluence pages and events in your company in just a few seconds.

Of course, you can also discover new posts from all employees in your company. The extensive filter and search function can help you find past posts or just focus on the essentials. 

You can also use your smartphone to like, share and comment on posts from your colleagues. This takes the exchange in your company to a new level and contributes to better collaboration.

Reach your colleagues

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You read the blog article of the new colleague via your smartphone app and want to contact her to wish her a good start? With Linchpin Mobile, your colleagues are just a tap away.

The Contacts tab gives you access to the entire directory of employees in your company - even when you're on the go. Find everyone using the search bar and search by name or profile content to get matching results. Alternatively, you can simply scroll through the alphabetically sorted list. At the top, you'll find your favorites; for quick access to your most used contacts.

The profiles also offer you all important information at a glance in the mobile version, and shortcuts for sending an email or setting up a call ensure that you can welcome your colleague to the company in no time.

Plan your day

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Linchpin Mobile supports you in organizing your workday. As you're already used to from your desktop, you can also access all upcoming events in your company at a glance with your mobile device. This way, you can keep track of your activities and know what's coming up during the day while you're still on the train in the morning.

The event area in the app allows you to access all event information. So if a place has become available for you in a fully booked workshop, you can register for the event while you're on the move. Of course, you can also unregister from events should something come up.

If a Confluence page is attached to the event, you can also use Linchpin Mobile to find out more about the content in advance of the event. And if the event takes place remotely and a link to the video conference has been created, you can of course also contact your colleagues from your smartphone via Google Meet or your company's video conferencing tool. 

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