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Search and find experts in your company in the Linchpin Intranet Suite and reach them on all platforms with just a few clicks. With the extensive filter options, you can always find the right contact person - and bring your employees closer together.

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With growing numbers of employees, the opening of new locations or even the digital transformation with emerging "new work" concepts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the workforce. This can quickly affect day-to-day work: The longer it takes me to find the right contact persons, the more it restricts my work. The consequences are frustration, declining motivation and increased stress.

The more location-independent the company is, the more difficult it is to maintain social interactions. Welcoming new employees, exchanging ideas in the kitchen or taking a lunch break together usually help us in our day-to-day work not to lose sight of the human aspect and to work together with new people.

With Linchpin, we want to bring you closer together with your colleagues and use the right features to make sure you find the right person quickly and easily. Probably the most important component of Linchpin is the extensive search function within the Linchpin profiles. With various filter settings, you can search for and find experts in freely configurable categories. And with just a few clicks, you'll have their phone number and email address to contact them - or you can reach them directly via Google Chat, Microsoft Teams or your company's messaging service using the link in their profile.

With the expert search in Linchpin, you'll always find the right contact person in your company and bring you and your colleagues closer together.

User Search at Seibert Media

At Seibert Media, we also use the extensive people search to find the right contact persons in the company.

With the filter options, we can, for example, quickly find colleagues who speak a foreign language in order to better respond to customer inquiries. The search can also help in the familiarization process, for example, with help in Atlassian's Jira task management system: By combining different filters, you can search for employees who work at the same location and are Jira experts.

Christina tells us in the new episode of our Linchpin intranet stories how exactly we at Seibert Media implement this in the Linchpin intranet and how it helps us find the right people in the company and get in touch with them.

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Overview of all employees

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In the people directory you will find an overview of all employees in your company. From here you can access the individual profiles of the users.

You can add people you contact particularly frequently or whose contact information you need to access quickly as a favorite by marking the contact with a star. Hover over a name to see important information such as phone number, email address, and a link to your company's chat tool.

You can choose whether you want to see the results as a list or in tile view.

Rich filter options

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The people directory offers you a list of all employees in your company with just one click. But of course you can also narrow down the people search further and thus get even more precise search results.

Using the "Advanced filters" button, you can filter the people by country, location and language, for example. This can help you, for example, to find people who work at your location and can help you with a foreign language - easily combine the different search results to find the right contact person.

Of course, in addition to the extensive filtering options, you can also search directly by name or profile content using the search box.

Customizable list view

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The people you work with in your company can be found in the people directory either in the form of tiles or as a list. You can switch between the two views using a corresponding button.

In the administration, you can configure the list view more precisely and thus select which information should be visible at a glance. New profile fields can be easily added and removed. And you can drag and drop the fields where you want them, so you can customize the view to suit your individual needs and preferences.

The list view makes it possible to map many exciting use cases in the people directory in Linchpin, such as a phone book.

User search to go

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Basic functions of the Linchpin expert search are not only available for the desktop, but also for your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can access all important profile information and stay in contact with your employees while on the go.

For example, if you want to find a colleague who works at your location and is familiar with Jira and also speaks French, you can do this on the go and from your mobile device.

Linchpin is available as an app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



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