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Goals of the current development period

Alassian's announcement of the End of Life for Confluence Server naturally had an effect on the development of Linchpin's on premise solution. It's vital to us that our current Linchpin customers continue to be happy with Linchpin on-premise and that it remains a stable solution. At the same time, we're finalizing issues that we've already announced and that our users are looking foward to.

Implementation of structural charts as a finalization of Org Charts. This includes things like the mapping of departmental or location structures.

For many companies, the current Org Chart with the ability to sort just the Managerial level is insufficient and not useful, for example, in cases where the company doesn't have a hierarchical structure.

That's why we wanted the next phase of Org Chart development to allow for the depiction of Departmental or Location-based structures.

Linchpin-Features for PI 10/2020

PI10 (PI - Program Increment or development timeframe of 10 weeks) began in November 2020. We project that we can bring you the changes for the Linchpin Intranet Suite by the end of January/early February. 

Structure Charts
In addition to the existing organization chart, we would like to provide the option of mapping department or location structures with the respective employees in it.
Improvements to the Bulk Syncs for user profiles
At the heart of the intranet are well-maintained user profiles. These are often maintained through external systems (LDAP) or via files (XML). We want to make it easier for admins to carry out maintenance and troubleshoot problems.
Improvements to Events
The calendar macro will be overhauled and will now offer a week and day view.

The event title image will give you the option to fill the entire event tile in the portal and the event macro to provide more visual variety. This will also work for events that have already been created.
Linchpin Intranet Suite Release at the end of the PI
As usual, we want to make the new functions available to you at the end of the PI.

Keep up-to-date on the latest developments

Through the Canny boards, you have the opportunity to actively shape the development of Linchpin apps. Tell us which feature interests you and vote for your favorite features. You can also comment on the corresponding Canny board to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Want to be notified of news about a particular feature via email? Watch the corresponding map via the "Watch" function.

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