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The Linchpin Roadmap is always just a snapshot of current planning. Changes and shifts can and should occur here at any time - agile work also means adapting to changes in the framework or when we gain new insights that affect our priorities.

Topics marked with the Evaluation tag are those that will not go directly into development, but for which we will first check whether we want to implement them and how we could do it.

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New & upcoming Linchpin features

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Current focus

When you create news or events, you can access your own collection of images

Instead of uploading a new image or selecting one from Unsplash, an external image database, you can now use images that exist as attachments on other Confluence pages. This way, you can create your own internal "image database" - ideal for anyone who frequently creates news and events and needs appealing, CI/CD-compliant images for them.


Send messages to all who are registered for an event

For example, a reminder about the event that is automatically sent three days before. Or a thank you a few days after. Or several messages as a countdown in the days before. Just define what you want to tell the enrollees and when the message should be sent. It's easy. 


Waiting Lists for Linchpin Events

If an event is fully booked, other people interested in the event can put their names on a waiting list. If a place becomes available, the first person on the waiting list will move up and be notified.  


A new, more modern macro for people search and list

The macros for people lists and search are no longer the youngest and in large instances they tend to be slow. In other words: not very performant. The new macro „People Search & List" is the successor for both. Similar in look and functionality to the People Directory, you can use it to display, search and filter the staff of a department, the first responder list or simply everyone in the company. Quick as a flash.


Send several different news digests to different target groups

Previously, it was only possible to define one News Digest that went to one target group. With the new feature, you can create as many different ones as you need, each of which can be addressed to a different target group.


Registering for past events after the fact? That is no longer possible.

To prevent participation lists from being falsified, or people from accidentally registering for events that are already in the past, registration for past events is no longer possible with this feature. Only those who have created or are allowed to edit the event can still change the participation list afterwards.


Mandatory News are annoying you?

With this feature you can put them back an hour or a day. Up until now, mandatory messages have always checked in every time you turn the page. For sure, many a one has been marked as "read" without actually being read - simply because they pushed themselves to the forefront with every click. Now you can choose to have them return in an hour or a day if you don't have time for them right now. So much more relaxed!


Besides offering apps like Linchpin Intranet Suite, which is available for Atlassian Data Center, we as Seibert Media also want to include apps for Confluence Cloud in our portfolio.
So what did we do? Of course, we bundled our intranet expertise and decided to bring it to the cloud!

If you're not using Linchpin yet or thinking about migrating your Confluence / Atlassian suite to the Atlassian Cloud, you definitely shouldn't miss out on Mantra!

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News workflow: technical changes under the hood

The way the steps in the approval workflow and timed scheduling of news are implemented today introduces some incompatibilities with third-party apps, and is also not 100% future-proof as far as changes in Confluence are concerned. We want to change that so you can use apps like No Email Storm or the Brikit theme together with Linchpin News.


Recurring events: create whole series of events easily

The most requested feature of all is the ability to create Recurring Events. For regular training appointments, meeting series or the weekly soccer game. Create them once and the series is up and running.


More than one structural chart

Currently, you can create multiple Org Charts, but only one structural chart. We want to make it possible to create as many different structural diagrams (which dynamically visually represent any structures such as departments or locations) as you want. This also helps very large organizations to break down one giant structural chart into several smaller ones, creating more transparency and clarity.


Event reminders

Get email reminders for upcoming events you're signed up for.


Push notifications for new microblog posts in Linchpin Mobile

In addition to push notifications for new news, in the future you can also be notified about new microblog posts via push notifications on your mobile device and jump directly to the corresponding content.


Push notifications for new user mentions in Linchpin Mobile

In the Linchpin mobile app, you will receive push notifications when your name is mentioned in Linchpin. This way, you'll never miss any important information and you'll always be up-to-date on the go.


Simplify profile picture upload

Uploading a new profile picture in the user profile becomes more user-friendly - and unified with profile picture uploads elsewhere.


Refactoring profile editing

Editing user profiles becomes easier - through more modern and improved user interfaces.


KUDOs - thank others

Praise, thank and give positive feedback to colleagues - for more motivation and positive experiences.



Take on challenges and achieve goals together with your colleagues - for a better community spirit.


Congratulations on special days: birthday, anniversary

See which special days (birthdays or anniversaries) are coming up soon and congratulate your colleagues with one simple click of the mouse.


Microblog polls

Quickly and easily post all kinds of polls in your Microblog to get the opinion of your colleagues.


And much more…

The topics mentioned up to this point are just a sample of all the ideas we still have and that you have shared with us via Canny. We are constantly sifting through new ideas and adjusting our plans - always with the idea of investing our resources in the topics that bring the most value to the most of you. You can help us do this by actively participating on Canny - contributing your own ideas, and voting for others. (smile)


Ongoing topics

New features are just one part of the tasks for a development team that supports a relatively mature product like the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

In addition, we have many topics that we work on in our day-to-day business but they are not all presented individually in the list of planned features - this would make the list way too long. 😉

Improve existing functionalities thanks to customer feedback

Some good ideas only come up when a feature is actively in use - and when you share these ideas with us. We try to incorporate especially those ideas into the product that can be implemented easily and without major modifications as soon as possible.


Performance improvements

Performance is a topic that is never completely closed. There are always more ways to reduce loading times or make a caches more efficient. Therefore, performance is a topic that we work on continuously. 


Security checks and improvements

With Atlassian's Bug Bounty program and our own analyses, we have two tools that help us make and keep Linchpin secure. We constantly keep an eye on this, and whenever new attack vectors become known, we put Linchpin through its paces to close any potential security gaps immediately.


Accessibility improvements

There are quite a few unresolved issues within Linchpin that concern the topic of accessibility. We are constantly working on one after the other. At least as far as it's possible for us to do so. Since Linchpin is based on Confluence, we are also somewhat dependent on in Confluence in terms of accessibility.


Care, maintenance, future-proofing

Anyone how knows their way around software development knows: Today's code is already outdated tomorrow. Changes within Confluence affect the Linchpin apps and we have to react accordingly. Technological development continues, previous implementations become obsolete or have to be replaced by more modern ones. Maintenance and refactorings are simply essential for healthy, living software. In the end, this doesn't translate into new features for you - but into Linchpin being a stable, reliable system.


Bugfixing and support

Last but not least: the support. With all due care, bugs can never be avoided completely. Bugs reported by you via our support channel have a high priority for us - we want to fix them and provide you with appropriate patch versions as soon as possible. Sometimes we have to pause the development of a new feature for a short time to do that.



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