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Outlook for 2021

Over the past 18 months, we've integrated many great new usecases into Linchpin.  In the coming year, we want to make our existing customers even happier by implementing all of the things that you've had on your Linchpin feature wish lists.  You can

take a look at the feature requests on Canny.

Future development features will consist of:

  • Eliminating inconsistencies
  • Adding missing components to existing use cases
  • Modernizing older features

and much more.

With the focus of future development shifting from Server to Data center, performance and stability issues will become even more important.  We are actively working on discovering and fixing vulnerabilities that far exceed the data center tests required by Atlassian.

Accessibility isn't at 100% yet.  We want to find out which elements are still missing and then implement where possible.

Integration with other systems will also be in focus.  For example, integration options with 0365 is now currently under research as well as the integration with messengers or the connection of third-party systems via API interfaces.

We look forward to making the Linchpin Intranet Suite even better!

Keep up-to-date on the latest developments

Through the Canny boards, you have the opportunity to actively shape the development of Linchpin apps. Tell us which feature interests you and vote for your favorite features. You can also comment on the corresponding Canny board to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Want to be notified of news about a particular feature via email? Watch the corresponding map via the "Watch" function.

A Canny account is required for this. → Register for free

To the Linchpin Canny Board   Linchpin Helpdesk


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This page was last edited on 11/03/2021.