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Linchpin Hey - Features & Use Cases

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This page intends to give a quick overview of all Linchpin Hey features.

First Steps
To use Linchpin Hey, visit or download the app for iOs or Android. Here you can register or log in with your Apple ID or via Google login. Of course, you can also use the option of logging in via email and password. Finally, you can choose whether you want to create a completely new workspace (from scratch) or start with demo content.
Branding & Theming
Upload your own logo, customize the name of the workspace and change the color scheme freely, according to your personal wishes. You can use the pre-set colors or bring your favorite colors into play by using hexadecimal codes. A preview will show you what your workspace will look like on the web and in the mobile app.
User management
In Linchpin Hey, you can invite users via email and provide them with administrative access, if desired. You can always keep track of all users who have already joined. You can also keep track of all invitations that are still pending. Of course, you can withdraw any invitation at any time. Furthermore, a personal invitation link is available for you to retrieve.
Create news
View the latest news on the dashboard and/or create your own news! Of course, any news article is more appealing when it includes beautiful images. You can upload your own images or use the integrated Unsplash image search to give your news more personality! Including links in the text is no problem, of course. Don't want to publish your news yet? No problem, either! Just save it as a draft. Another useful feature are the magazines - a list of all news you can like with one click.
In Linchpin Hey, Confluence Cloud and/or Jira Cloud integrations can be managed. This feature gives you an overview of the most recently updated pages and Jira issues, directly on your dashboard. A Google calendar can also be easily integrated. Never miss a meeting again.
Create a collection of your favorite apps with the help of the launchpad. All the apps you need and use every day are just a click away. The nice thing about the launchpad? It's easy to use and does the job for you! The app's name and logo are automatically loaded from the metadata of the apps/sites. In order for you to be able to work undisturbed, the apps open in a new tab, of course.
Know what is going on in your company in the near future thanks to the event overview. You can register for or cancel events at any time. Missing some important event? Create you own! A useful filter makes it possible to switch between all events and only those created by you.
Familiar chat
Linchpin Hey stands for collaboration. And that's something that is hard to achieve without communication. That's why Linchpin Hey has a microblog - a "chat timeline" similar to the popular social media portals. Communicate the way you are used to. Write your own posts (text formatting options and links are available, of course), comment on others' posts and respond to all content.
What would communication be without feedback? Probably very one-sided and dull. That's why Linchpin Hey lets you respond to your colleagues' content accordingly! Choose the reaction that best reflects your opinion and let others know what you think of their posts, news or comments. This feature is available both on the web and in the mobile app.
Linchpin Hey Mobile
Experience modern collaboration on the go! We know that not everyone works in the office - that's why all of Linchpin Hey's features are available on your desktop as well as in your pocket. Linchpin Hey is available for Android, iOS and on the web.

More information about Linchpin Hey and its functions can be found on our website.

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This page was last edited on 07/28/2021.