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The best way to generate attention for an experience is to create a story - a photo or short video that is available for 24 hours and can be accompanied by a short text. A story can be used to draw attention to a company event, celebrate a project completion, or introduce yourself as a new team member.

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Are preparations for the next company event already in full swing? Has your team just completed an important project? Whatever the reason, share it with your colleagues! With Stories, you can share special moments with everyone in the company. That's how you generate attention. So go ahead, pull out your phone, snap a photo: It's time for your first story!

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With Stories, you can share very different things with your colleagues. Linchpin Hey motivates people to share experiences and enjoy them together. Just take a picture or video! If you want, you can also easily customize the image or add text over it. And with just one click, you've generated attention or simply put a smile on a colleague's face.

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