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Social interaction is important to make real teamwork possible. Otherwise, we'll all just sit at our desks, working quietly and not reaching out to each other to ask for help. Nobody wants that. Linchpin Hey ensures better collaboration and thus more trust in each other. Hey encourages interaction with your colleagues and a sense of community within the company. Social Happenings are an important component here: send quick and easy congratulations to your colleagues, which then appear on their dashboard.

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HeyFive! 🙏

Yes, you heard right. A HeyFive is an expression of appreciation. Your team just finished a big and challenging project? Or is there someone you just want to say "hello" or "thank you" to? Send him or her a HeyFive! The person will receive a notification on their dashboard. Linchpin Hey also takes care of birthdays and anniversaries so you don't have to write them down yourself. You will be reminded on time on your dashboard and can send congratulations with one click.

Happy Birthday!

Let's be honest - we've all forgotten a birthday at some point. To make that a thing of the past, we've set up a Social Happenings section in the Event Hub. Here you can see at a glance which birthdays or anniversaries are coming up. Linchpin Hey also guarantees that you won't miss out on new employees. Choose between different views in the calendar view, as you are used to from other calendar tools.

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