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The popular Social Intranet Suite Linchpin is now available as a mobile app and in the cloud. Currently, we are developing and advancing some features that are among the basic requirements for a social intranet. At the moment, Linchpin Hey is only available as a free version.

The Future of Linchpin Hey

With Linchpin Hey, our goal is to provide a cool and sustainable product. Once we have reached this stage in development, the price of Linchpin Hey is expected to be: 

1€ per user each month

Feel free to contact us directly and we will discuss the current development status, our roadmap and the future pricing with you. By the way: We are open to take new ideas into the roadmap!

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Our Roadmap

In addition to new features, we are continuously working on developing the integration of Linchpin Hey and its capabilities.

Our goal is first to implement all the must-haves that are needed to make Linchpin optimally useful. We plan to do this at Seibert Media -a company of almost 200 employees. This step will help us in understanding how Linchpin Hey can work in a medium-sized organization. 


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This content was last updated on 01/14/2022.

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