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Get together with people at your company's social meeting place, even in the digital age.

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Collaboration at eye level

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Stay digitally visible as an employee. Get an overview of your company, the teams and people you work with. Learn more about the expertise of your team members and always find the right contact person. Or discover common interests and hobbies and make new contacts. With Linchpin Hey you promote social exchange, creativity and innovation by strengthening the sense of togetherness.

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Goodbye, Spreadsheets

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Find all your colleagues at a glance. Instead of long lists, you are offered various filter options and intelligent suggestions to quickly find the right people and teams. Display locations, skills and contact options of individual teams at a glance. And the description tells you what the team does. Actually like a phone book. Only better.

Hey, People!

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Who can I ask again for design tips? And who will then implement it technically? So many people in so many teams. Who's supposed to keep track of everything? Linchpin Hey makes it easy for you to find your way around the company with topic, structure and organization diagrams. Thanks to the connection to the profile fields, the data always remains up-to-date. And it's all completely done automatically.

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