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Most important information at a glance

Connect people to teams and software to your digital workplace

Expand your Confluence experience by connecting it to your Linchpin Hey workspace.

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A central hub for your daily business

All information you need to start your day right.

Keep using the tools that work best for your company and integrate them into your intranet. We've started by adding connectors for Confluence Cloud & Jira Cloud, as well as a Google Calendar connector.

Never miss good news

Linchpin brings people and teams together. Stay informed at all times. Create content and share news with other people and teams within your company.

Keep everyone up to date - on the go!

Experience modern collaboration - even if you are on the go.

At your desk or in your pocket, because we know not everyone works in an office.

Linchpin Hey is available for Android, iOS and Web.

More Information

Linchpin Hey is your central hub for your daily business. Expand your Confluence Cloud experience by connecting it to your Linchpin Hey workspace.

  • Integrations: Connect Confluence Cloud, Jira Cloud, and Google Calendar to Linchpin Hey
  • News: Share important news with your colleagues
  • Custom Design: Maximize user engagement with a customized corporate design.
  • Mobile App: Experience modern collaboration on-the-go. With Linchpin Mobile you can access your Linchpin intranet at any time and from anywhere (available for iOS and Android).
  • Take a look at our roadmap for more information on upcoming features.

Linchpin Hey for Confluence Cloud will be available soon!

Learn more about Linchpin Hey now.

Need help configuring your own Linchpin Hey Intranet? Check out the Quickstart Guide!


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This page was last edited on 07/27/2021.