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Hey and welcome to Linchpin Hey! With the help of this step-by-step guide, I want to explain how you can quickly and easily get started with Linchpin Hey and access your company's workspace (intranet). If you follow the steps described here, the process should take less than 5 minutes.

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So let's go!

Step 1

Install the app on your phone

Step 2

Open Invite link from the email

Click on the link to your workspace in the email with the subject "Linchpin Cloud: You have been invited to join My Intranet".

Step 3

Sign up for Linchpin Hey

Fill in the fields "Full Name", "Password" and "Confirm Password", confirm that you agree to Linchpin Hey's privacy policy and click SignUp. The success message will tell you that your workspace is just one click away.

Step 4

Done - now you're ready to go with Linchpin Hey in your company!

You can now see the workspace you've been invited to. Start a conversation with your colleagues in posts, write your first news or post a cool story!

Are you interested?

Start now with a free demo and do something for the social interaction in your company.

This content was last updated on 01/05/2022.

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