Early Adopter Program - Project plan

Are you part of the Early Adopters program and wondering what's next?
Together with you we want to shape the future of modern intranet solutions. On this page you can find out what the program and its schedule will look like.

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Kick Off

Project Start

Together we take the first steps in the EAP program and present our values.



2 Sessions

We will discuss your feedback on the current status and try to understand how important these topics would be for your use of Linchpin Hey. This helps us to understand how we can optimize our roadmap.


Feature Update

2 Sessions

We will discuss with you the latest features in the product and talk about your feedback directly with you. In addition, we give you a preview of what you can expect in the short term.


EAP Final Session

End of EAP

At the end of the EAP, we want to summarize your experiences, get your opinion on the long-term use of the product and decide together if and how we can continue.

First Steps

Schritt 1

Create Hey Beta Instance

Schritt 2

Install Linchpin Hey on the devices

Schritt 3

Invite users / Grant access

Schritt 4

Set up your Corporate Identity / Corporate Design

Schritt 5

Set up Launchpad


Set up integration for Atlassian

Set up integration for Google

General Information

Individual Support

We help you in any case.

Your Ideas Matter

We listen very careful and we'll implement the best of ideas.

We´re thankful

We will always be thankful for your help - you will receive a long term discount if you decide to use Linchpin Hey productively.

Exclusive Access

You have direct access to the product team and a collaboration expert for your EAP track.

Be the first

You will get the newest features asap to be the first user.

We are here

We will help and support you were we can even after the EAP.

Are you interested?

Start now with a free demo appointment and do something for the social interaction in your company.

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