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Company Happiness

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Stay up to date on how your colleagues are doing with Linchpin Hey.

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How are you today?

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Identifying the general mood in a company is not always easy. To make such a feeling tangible, a mood indicator helps. What issues are employees concerned about? What can be improved? Answers to these questions help create transparency and identify blind spots. They promote exchange among employees and provide room for new ideas.

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Success is not the key to happiness...

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Sure, a company wants to be successful. But there's more to it than just working, completing projects and showing results. How are you actually doing right now? How do you feel in the company? Are you satisfied with the working atmosphere in your team? It's important to address these questions as well. With Linchpin Hey, we create an easy way to motivate employees to ask themselves these questions.

... happiness is the key to success

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You'll notice: The more comfortable you feel in your work environment, the more you enjoy your work. Your head is free of worries and you can face the next project with focus. To achieve this and ensure more satisfaction in your company, it's important to keep an eye on the overall mood. With Linchpin Hey, you can identify potential factors that have a negative impact on the satisfaction of your colleagues at an early stage. Use these insights to create more happiness in your company.

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This page was last edited on 01/05/2022.