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Linchpin Essentials - Functions

Confluence's basic features and enhancements provided by Linchpin Essentials create a modern platform for better collaboration. Without a problem, you can adapt your system to your needs and the requirements of your organization.

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This page gives an overview of functions that can be found in Linchpin Essentials.

Individualized design
If your collaboration software looks familiar, your employees will be happy to use it. Linchpin Essentials brings your company's corporate design into your Confluence wiki. This way, you create a digital work environment that matches the look and feel of your organization and that also visually fits your use cases.
Intuitive navigation menus
Help your colleagues find relevant and important information with ease. With Linchpin Essentials, content which is relevant to everyone is available in a central place and at all times.
A central people directory
Give your users a face and encourage networking. When people work together, they want to know each other. They want to know who they are dealing with. Profile avatars, responsibilities, expertise and personal contact data contribute to the growth of organic networking.
Filterable phone books
With Linchpin Essentials, you can create filterable phone books and expert directories, find the right contact or grow your network. Confluence is a central knowledge management system - Linchpin Essentials makes it one where people are also visible.
Attractive design elements
In addition to integrated navigation menus, you can link to further content using atractive teaser boxes. With Linchpin Essentials, you can create a wiki in which everyone can find their way around and find what they are lookingfor.

Do you have any questions regarding Linchpin Essentials' functions? Feel free to contact us.

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This page was last edited on 07/06/2021.