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Mail & push notifications
We are working on further improvements for notifications in Linchpin Cloud.
Soon you'll be able to attach files to your posts in Linchpin Cloud.


Profiles Pt. 2
We want to start working on the conceptual and technical basis for new, improved Linchpin Cloud user profiles.
Kudos will be a way to say thank you to your colleagues. Acknowledge a successful collaboration, a completed project, or something else you want to share your appreciation for.

Please note that the screenshots shown are prototypes from the early conception phase.

All we need right now is your feedback (and some time)

Please let us know the kind of features that are important for you - wether you are a customer, partner or user.
Take a look at our Canny-Board to vote on existing ideas or add new entries.

Our Canny-Board


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This page was last edited on 04/23/2021.