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Share moments with your colleagues just like on other social platforms.
Mention colleagues to share news and information directly with them.
New demo content
We added new demo content for Linchpin Cloud.
Improved mobile reactions
Enjoy improved mobile reactions in Linchpin Cloud.
Pings/notification Inbox
Receive in-app notifications for new posts, news, and content you were mentioned in.
Mail & push notifications
Linchpin Cloud includes web notifications, mobile push notifications and mail notifications, now!
Attachments Pt. 1
You already can attach images (including GIFs) to posts and comments in Linchpin Cloud.
Attachments Pt. 2
You can attach pictures to your posts via the mobile app, too.
Profiles Pt. 1
Fill your profile with life with this first iteration of user profiles. You can change your name, location, email address and birthday now.


Profiles Pt. 2
We are already working on the second iteration of user profiles. We will add more profile fields soon!
Analytics for EAP
We want to offer our Early Adopter Program customers an analytics dashboard.
UI / UX improvements
We want to keep working on further improving the UI / UX of Linchpin Hey.


Rich user profiles
Show the world who you really are. When finalizing user profiles, we want to make sure that both work relevant and social & fun use cases can be covered.
Kudos will be a way to say thank you to your colleagues. Acknowledge a successful collaboration, a completed project, or something else you want to share your appreciation for.
We want to make your workplace searchable.
Phone book / Contact finder
We want to make it easy for you to find the right contact. That's why we want to implement a phone book / contact finder with the most relevant information based on user profile data.
Azure integration
We want to make it possible for you to import profile data from Azure.
Profile Completion Reminders
Profiles can only be used for personalization and other features, if they are actually maintained properly. We are working on setting up reminders for users to fill out their profile.
Aura Card
We want to use profile data in other features, too. Currently we are thinking about various gadgets like birthday reminders, anniversaries display etc.

Please note that the screenshots shown can be prototypes from the early conception phase.

All we need right now is your feedback (and some time)

Please let us know the kind of features that are important for you - wether you are a customer, partner or user.
Take a look at our Canny-Board to vote on existing ideas or add new entries.

Our Canny-Board


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This page was last edited on 07/21/2021.