What is the Launchpad? 

Bookmarks are nice, but at work it is helpful to know exactly which tools are in use - and not having to search for them. This is where Launchpad provides help. Administrators can create destinations and make them available to all colleagues.

Currently all created destinations are visible to all users in the system.

Accessing the Launchpad

The launchpad is accessible from anywhere. Click on  Launchpad Icon in the header to open the launchpad. Just click in the icon or the text to open the respective destination. 

Manage the Launchpad

Currently, it is only possible for administrators to add new destinations to the launchpad. You have the following options for accessing the destination administration:

  1. Click on the settings icon  in the Launchpad to access the administration of the destinations. From there you can edit existing destinations or add new ones via the Add destination button. 

  2. Go to Administration via your avatar in the top right corner and then navigate to Launchpad in the tabs. This will take you to the administration interface for the destinations.

Creating a new destination

Creating new destinations is intuitive and easy. Simply click on "+Add destination" on the admin page of the Launchpad and enter the URL of your destination.

The favicon of the given page will be generated automatically and the title of the page will be determined.
You can now change the title manually if the automatically generated title does not meet your requirements.

Note: If no favicon is available for the page or the page is behind a firewall, the first letter of the title is used as the destination icon: 

Editing existing destinations

Editing Launchpad Destinations is also simple: click on the element to be edited in the administration interface and the edit screen opens. Here you can adjust the URL and title of the destination.

Remember: after each change to the URL, Launchpad tries to find the favicon again (the entire URL could change, so that a new favicon is needed).

General note: The full functionality of the Launchpad is also available in our mobile app. More screenshots will be added to the documentation shortly. 

Get the Linchpin Hey App here: 

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This content was last updated on 08/20/2021.

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