How to write a post

Visit the posts hub which is available through the left sidebar. As long as there is no post available, Alfi will guide you to the Editor above, where you can create the first news for your colleagues.

Whether it's an update on your most recent business project, sharing a brand new video in your team or if you want to sell your bike to your colleagues - with posts, you can easily share short messages to inform your workmates, or respond to them. 

The editor

We have implemented a really simple and basic editor for you in order to be able to create your posts. 

Adding text, links and some basic formatting will create your first post.

Add hyperlinks to the post

One of the most popular and frequently used use cases is sharing content via links. Whether it's the last protocol from an appointment, a new article in the newspaper or access to an external system - hyperlinks are the way to access and share external information.

Add a link to a certain part of the test by marking it and clicking the Link-Icon  or using the shortcut CMD + k (CTRL + k on Windows )

Add and edit hyperlinks on the posts editor

Format parts of your posts

...& give the reader orientation and focus.

Highlighting the most important elements, structuring content using headings and organizing bullets with lists gives the reader the ability to quickly grasp text and content in a structured way.

Format your posts with the editor and help your colleagues to read the content quickly and easily without unnecessary distraction or attention.

Reply to posts, interact with your workmates

...because that is what collaboration is all about.

Your colleague is selling his aged smartphone and you are interested - answer the post and show interest. Or give direct feedback on a question a colleague has asked. You already know the functionality from writing your own post.

Integrated YouTube video player

New in 2.14

The text editor will now resolve your YouTube link and display a playable video right within your post.

Simply insert your link into the editor and the video player will appear shortly after!

Currently, this feature is only available for the web client. The mobile app will follow soon, though!

Get notified about new content

New in 2.18 & 2.19

Posts (and news!) will display a button when new content (which you haven't loaded yet, for example because you didn't reload for a long time) is available. Click on said "New content available" button to load the new content.

The sidebar will also display notification icons when new content is available! Check it out regularly so you don't miss any new news or posts.

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