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Also see: Best practices for performance troubleshooting tools


Narrow down specific bottlenecks

See Narrow down specific bottlenecks


There are a bunch of tools to measure performance in the browser. This information helps to decide whether it is more of a server or frontend problem.

If you found certain pages to be problematic, you can analyze these further in the browser. These tools can help you collect information:

Application logs

If you suspect the server to be the problem you can take a look at the application logs.

Those can give you useful information or show recurring errors or patterns.

Watch out for "ERROR" messages. Especially keywords like "Timeout", "StuckThread" are of interest.

System requirements

Best Practices

Information and file to submit a request

Please include as much information as you can to your support request!

  • HAR file or other browser reports
  • Screenshots of the slow pages / actions
  • Support zip

Involve Atlassian support

Further reading

Known Issues


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This page was last edited on 12/20/2021.