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Logging in to a Confluence instance with Linchpin Mobile is not possible and results in an error.


There are several causes for this of which many are targeted in a separate Knowledge Base article. If the checklist below does not resolve the issue please see the collection of related articles on the right.

  • Is the Linchpin Mobile App on your mobile device up to date?
  • Is your mobile device connected to the internet?
  • Have you double-checked your input for typos?
  • Are you able to reach the Confluence instance with an ordinary browser (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox) with your mobile device by entering the instance's URL?
  • Instead of entering the URL, you can log in to your Confluence instance using a self-generated QR code: Open your user profile in Confluence and navigate to the "Configure mobile access" tab. Generate a new QR code and scan it with the Linchpin Mobile App. Were you able to successfully log in?
  • Is your Confluence running the latest version of the Linchpin Mobile Confluence App / Linchpin Intranet Suite with a valid license key?
  • Is your Confluence operated behind a firewall and access is therefore limited (e.g. from the internal company network or via VPN tunnel only)?


Depending on the potential cause of this issue try the following options:

This page was last edited on 11/23/2021.