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Online Training

Linchpin Administration


In this training course, our trainers provide central, practical information on all aspects of project collaboration in Linchpin:


  • How can I build a Linchpin area according to my needs and structure the content in a meaningful way?
  • Naming and categorizing Linchpin areas
  • Differentiation between "active" and "archived" areas


  • Granting permissions at the area level
  • Implications of different permissions
  • View and manage page restrictions

Manage content

  • Create templates
  • Reorder pages
  • Restore content from the recycle bin


  • Advantages and requirements of microblog use
  • Define microblog topics
  • Embed a microblog timeline in the area

Language management

  • Set area language
  • Manage language links of individual pages


The training will take place via a Zoom video conference and is designed to be interactive. There will be enough room for individual questions and clarifications. A microphone and, in the best case, a webcam are required for this.

This training is an advanced webinar. User experience with Confluence or Linchpin is required.

Length: 90 Minutes

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Seibert Media US Consultant


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