draw.io Online Training

Here you will find 90-minute trainings in interactive format

Training Content

In this training, we provide practical information on how to get started working with draw.io in Confluence.

  • How do I embed the draw.io macro in Confluence and how do I use the template manager?
  • How do I navigate through the draw.io interface? 
    • Introduction to all format and shape panels
    • Helpful tips for navigating the drawing surface
  • What do I need to know before I start creating diagrams? 
    • Basics about libraries and shapes
    • Layout functions and text editing
    • Properties and use of connectors between shapes
  • How do I create a flowchart in draw.io? 
    • Tips around the creation and customization of diagrams
    • Creating links in shapes
    • Saving, exporting and versioning diagrams
  • Working with tables in draw.io


The training will take place via a Zoom video conference and is designed to be interactive. There will be enough room for individual questions and clarifications. A microphone and, in the best case, a webcam are required.

This training is intended for users who have some previous experience with Confluence.

Duration: 90 minutes

Workshop Dates

We are currently working on improving the workshop scheduling. If you would like to attend one of the workshop dates below, please email us at sales@draw.io or click the button below. 

Server and Data Center

  • May 19th, 10-11.30 am CST


  • June 2nd, 10-11.30 am CST

Email Us to Schedule a Workshop


Seibert Media US Consultant


Schedule a Meeting: https://seibert.biz/chelke

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the largest Atlassian partners worldwide.

Shortlink to this page: https://seibert.biz/drawiotraining

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