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Online Training

Confluence and Jira Together


In this training, our trainers teach you how to combine Confluence and Jira software. In addition to the concrete linking of information from both tools, the focus is also on practical application examples and use cases.

Differentiation and Demarcation

  • Which information can I find in Confluence, which in Jira? 
  • Which tool do I use for different work steps?

Information Linkage

  • How can I link individual Jira tasks to Confluence and where does linking have an effect?
  • Linking Jira tasks to each other and to Confluence pages
  • Creating dynamic overviews with search queries and filters
  • Differences between displaying filters in table and chart form
  • Creating tasks from within Confluence

Practical Use Cases

  • Creating custom home pages in Confluence with Jira filters
  • Project areas: Overviews, area links, open tasks, etc.
  • Team areas: Meeting and task documentation with Jira and Confluence; team goals, etc.


This training is aimed at participants with initial experience in using Confluence and Jira. The content is taught from the user's point of view. The technical/administrative integration of Confluence and Jira is not part of this training.

The training takes place via a Zoom video conference and is designed to be interactive. There will be enough room for individual questions and clarifications. A microphone and, in the best case, a webcam are required.

Duration: 90 minutes

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