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Online Training

Confluence Content Creation - Basic


In this training, our trainers provide central, practical information on how to get started with content creation in Confluence.

  • How is the wiki software Confluence designed and structured?
  • What are sections, pages, and blogposts?
  • How can I navigate in Confluence and where can I find existing content?
  • How do I create content in Confluence and where is it located in the system?
  • How do the central functions of the Confluence Editor work:
    • Text formatting
    • Heading formats
    • Page layout
    • Tables
  • How are drafts and new content saved?

This training is a basic webinar (for participants with little or no previous knowledge).


The training will take place via a Zoom video conference and is designed to be interactive. There will be enough room for individual questions and clarifications. A microphone and, in the best case, a webcam will be required.

Duration: 90 minutes

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Seibert Media US Consultant


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