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Comparison overview

Gliffy currently has the most active installations. This add-on was one of the first available for Confluence, and has been available for years. Why not try another add-on, such as Just because it's cheaper? can definitely save you money, but is the add-on at least as good as Gliffy?
Below we detail how has more advantages over Gliffy than just the price. It is especially useful when data security and privacy should be considered, and in quality management processes.

  • Atlassian add-on market leader.
  • Diagram revision history only within Gliffy, not in Confluence.
  • One of the most expensive add-ons.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 10.
  • Commercial usage of diagrams created in Gliffy may not be allowed.

  • Best rated add-on by customers in the Atlassian Marketplace since 2013.
  • Full revision history within Confluence.
  • Significantly cheaper license costs.
  • Compatible with all browser technologies from Internet Explorer 6 onwards.
  • Ability to print and export as PDF.
  • Better mobile functionality.
  • Legal certainty - you can use created diagrams commercially.

Revision history - a central part of quality management certification

If you want to focus on Confluence quality management, you mostly likely aim to achieve certification. One condition of this certification is to enable a complete audit, and to have transparency when any change is made, especially when representing the processes and requirements within an organisation in diagrams. But how can you access this revision history for your audit?

In Gliffy, you can see the revision history only from within the add-on after starting to edit the diagram. It is independent of anything else on the Confluence page, so you can not match changes to the Confluence page with changes to the diagram. At worst, there will be one version of the Confluence page, but the diagram was changed multiple times by multiple people.

In, a new version is created for each change to the diagram AND the page text. Therefore, you can easily see all of the changes in the one version history.

Browser compatibility - all users should see the same content in the same way

There are two questions commonly asked about browser compatibility - "Will my current web browser work? For how long?" and "Are all browsers used by our employees and partners supported?"

In large companies, an older version of Internet Explorer is the prescribed browser. Gliffy supports the popular recent releases of IE, but it is developed for the most recent version of IE, and drops support for older browsers faster than Atlassian does. Commonly, diagrams are displayed differently depending on the version of the browser, especially on older versions. supports all the common browsers, including older versions of these, in addition to some of the less popular browsers. So you can feel secure that the wide range of browser support will remain for the duration of your license, and that users of different browsers and versions see the same content in the same way.

Do you use diagrams commercially?

Many of our customers create diagrams for manuals and instructions to be published externally for their customers. This is forbidden by Gliffy's Terms of Use. Which means, if you use a diagram in any external publication, you could be punished and fined.

With, you are free to use the diagrams internally and externally for commercial purposes.

Easy mass import of Gliffy diagrams into

The move from Gliffy to is simple. All of your existing diagrams can be migrated with a single click without losing any data (the original Gliffy diagrams are not removed from the page).

A more difficult problem is to change user behaviour and getting your users to be comfortable with new tools.

But we've found that isn't a problem with The interface is almost identical so the switch to has always gone smoothly.


In a nutshell

Gliffy may be the market leader in Atlassian add-ons and has been around for a while, and it would be wrong to avoid the add-on purely on the basis of pricing. On the other hand, JGraph, who develops, have been around for as long as Atlassian has existed.

We'd love it if you gave a chance - it's worth it to try the add-on and see if it suits your needs!

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