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Rich functionality for power users and basics for casuals is one of the most powerful web-based tools of its kind, and is functionally equivalent to professional proprietary desktop solutions such as Visio.

Numerous toolbars offer hundreds of visual elements, which can be positioned in the drawing area with drag & drop, and can be freely adjusted, moved, scaled and rotated. Toolbars can also be activated and deactivated with just a click – you always have the choice between a lean and efficient interface, or one with the full range of functions displayed.

Revision history

Revision tracking is an important prerequisite for ensuring quality management within Confluence. creates a new page version for each change in the diagram AND the document. You can review all changes in the version history, and roll back to a previous version if necessary.

Browser compatibility

It is common that employees in large companies must work with old browsers, like Internet Explore 8. supports browsers from IE 6 onwards (without any loss of function or performance), and is therefore ideal for an enterprise where updated technology is integrated more slowly.

Easy to switch from Gliffy to

Do you have several Gliffy diagrams in your Confluence instance? With the mass import function, it is easy to convert Gliffy to with just one click, with no loss of data. You can also import Visio diagrams.


One of the main advantages of is its strong performance thanks to the very economical use of the resources. The interface is extremely responsive. Interactions such as moving, rotating, enlarging, and connecting objects run very smoothly - not only on fast computers, but also on older machines and mobile devices with limited computing power.

Seamless Confluence and JIRA integration

Data is stored in Confluence or JIRA - and nowhere else. does not use cloud services of any kind, but runs in its own infrastructure behind the firewall, just like Confluence and JIRA.

No outdated technology in the JIRA add-on

While the comparable Gliffy for JIRA is still based on Flash and requires a browser plugin, is a HTML5 application that uses only native browser technologies. This means more stability, more usability and more security.

Native browser technologies at its foundation

The technology behind is mxGraph, the market-leading solution and the only library that works in any browser without plugins. MxGraph is the most powerful and mature browser diagramming component on the market and runs completely on the client-side.


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