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Rich functionality for power users and basics for casuals is one of the most powerful web-based tools of its kind, and is functionally equivalent to professional proprietary desktop solutions such as Visio.

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Easy to use

Numerous libraries offer hundreds of visual elements, which can be positioned in the drawing area with drag & drop, and can be freely adjusted, moved, scaled and rotated. Toolbars can also be activated and deactivated with just a click – you always have the choice between a lean and efficient interface, or one with the full range of functions displayed. Need some help to learn to Check out our tutorial page.

Powerful functionality

Create flowcharts, process diagrams, org charts, UML, ER diagrams, network diagrams and much more. Use the power of the automatic layout function, create your own custom shape libraries, work with Metadata. Find out more about the powerful functionality of 

Seamlessly integrated

Embed your diagrams in context, on each Confluence page where they are needed. To provide the best results, the built-in search function doesn't just index filenames of diagrams, or the title and content of the page containing the diagram, but also the text contained within a diagram.

Revision history of all changes


All changes made to a page or a diagram within a page are logged in the Confluence version history (must have for ISO 9001). You can quickly and easily access all changes via Confluence's page history.

Interface customization


It's possible to globally configure certain aspects of the editor interface for all users in Confluence Server. You can configure color palettes, built-in and custom libraries, CSS overrides for the editor appearance, font CSS to inject custom fonts and much more.

High performance

One of the main advantages of is its strong performance thanks to the very economical use of the resources. The interface is extremely responsive. Interactions such as moving, rotating, enlarging, and connecting objects run very smoothly - not only on fast computers, but also on older machines and mobile devices with limited computing power.

Attractive price

Compared to similar apps has a fair license fees for Confluence Server and Cloud. for Jira is free if you have licensed for Confluence at the same user tier and on the same platform (Server or Cloud). In addition to starter licences, you can also purchase extended support and upgrade your current user tier.

Pricing for Confluence
Pricing for Jira

Strong support & innovation has a personal and fast support that is fully backed by the founders. The product releases new versions every 14 days. is an open source technology stack for building diagramming applications and it comes with a free web app. 

Easy to switch

All diagrams created with Gliffy or Visio can be quickly and easily imported into, and edited as if they were native diagrams. Just drag & drop your files to the canvas and edit them as you want.

Gliffy mass import


Do you have multiple Gliffy diagrams in your Confluence instance that need to be converted into native diagrams? With the FAQ for the Gliffy Mass Import (Confluence Server only) you can import all your Gliffy diagrams into with just one click!

Fully behind your firewall

SERVER ONLY for Confluence Server is a fully behind the firewall product, do not send diagram data externally at any point in the default configuration. There is an option to use external servers for image generation quality, but this is turned off by default and requires an admin to switch it on.

Native browser technologie is a HTML5 application that uses only native browser technologies. This means more stability, usability and security. The technology behind is mxGraph, the market-leading solution and the only library that works in any browser without plugins. MxGraph is the most powerful and mature browser diagramming component on the market and runs completely on the client-side.

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