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Why visualization is so powerful

The world is filled with visual information, and so is the workplace. This is no coincidence. The fact is, messages conveyed through visualization are not only more easily understood, they're also easier to retain. And in a world that grows more interconnected with every technological advance, visualization can even have the power to overcome language and cultural barriers. Put simply, organizations and teams need visualization now more than ever. The art of enhanced communication through images and diagrams is an invaluable resource that no business can ignore.

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Why you should use Confluence to visualize

Today's business environment continues to grow exponentially more complex. It's more essential now than ever to keep information paths short and precise and to rely on the "single source of truth" approach to corporate communication. Confluence is your best source for collaboratively developing, sharing, and refining information. For maximum benefit, your solution for visualizing ideas and processes should also be 100% embedded in Confluence. Confluence integration enables your teams to collaborate and pick up workflows seamlessly without any media breaks. We know that every team can benefit from the versatility that visualization offers. That benefit is amplified by the universal access provided by Confluence Apps. 

Why is your go-to solution to visualize content in Confluence is 100% embedded in Confluence. It's the leading diagramming tool in Confluence with the best ratings and by far the most installs. With it, your teams can collaboratively add powerful diagrams to your Confluence pages with just a few clicks. supports you with a variety of features and use cases. Your diagrams are always stored right where they belong; in Confluence and only in Confluence.

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This page was last edited on 09/14/2021.