The information on this page is outdated. If you are looking for an up-to-date comparison of to Gliffy, you can find a reliable source via our new Gliffy Comparison page. Lucidchart no longer offers an app embedded in Confluence as of January 6th, 2021, so the comparison is redundant.


Multiple pages
Some diagrams are too large or too complex to fit on just one page. It’s actually sensible to break up such information over multiple pages so that viewers are not overwhelmed. lets you put multiple pages in each diagram, making it easier to keep related information together, but in a readable, understandable way. → More information

Automatic layout 
You can quickly and easily build flow and tree diagrams using the build-in automatic layout tool, where automatically updates the layout and connections whenever you add a shape. → Watch video

Metadata diagram is stored as an XML file which means that each shape, connector and text can include metadata, extra information about that diagram element. You can view and edit the metadata associated with the shapes in your diagram.  → More information

Merging changes uses a very elegant and easy solution to merge concurrent edits to a diagram, made by multiple users, before the diagram is saved in Confluence Server. This eliminates the probability that changes will overwrite each other. → More information

Extensive shape libraries
The huge number of shapes you can add to your diagram are sorted into shape libraries, making it faster for you to find related shapes. You can even create your own custom shape libraries. More information


Use custom libraries
Do you often include your own graphics and icons in your diagrams? The new version of for Confluence lets you quickly and easily import your own libraries and use your custom shapes.   Watch video

Apply a custom corporate design
With customization, you can avoid the time-consuming work of constantly changing styles. Shapes, connectors, fonts, color palettes, libraries, templates and even plugins, all this and more can be customized. You'll be able to create diagrams quickly and easily in your corporate style. → More information

Extensibility (plugins) 
Perhaps there is a plugin that you regularly use – animation, replaying changes or anonymizing diagram data? No problems! Make the plugin available in the menu by default.
 All plugins

Import & export

With you can import and export into several file formats, including a number of image formats. → More information

Visio import and export (.vsdx)
One of the more common diagramming formats, especially in large companies, is the .vsdx format. But not everyone in a company has access to this diagramming tool. Instead, they can use to open, edit and export .vsdx diagrams. → More Information

PDF export
You may find that a PDF version of your diagram is more appropriate when you need to print infographics, floor plans or other diagrams. → More information

CSV import, automatic diagram creating
You can past well-formatted CSV data and some configuration code to create a diagram automatically. More information

Confluence integration

Full, integrated revision handling
All changes made to a page or a diagram within a page are logged in the Confluence version history (required for ISO 9001). You can quickly and easily access all changes via Confluence's page history. → More information 

Works with the Confluence backup/restore cycle  
Because diagrams are stored as XML files, when you export your Confluence space as XML as a backup and then restore it, your diagrams will stay in their pages where they belong.

No user or diagram data collection
When you work on a diagram, the data is stored on your local device and in your Confluence instance – your diagram data is not sent to our servers. The servers also never see the data when you save your diagram. →  More information


Confluence Server integration is available as an app for Confluence Server. An intelligent merge feature that works in the background when multiple users are editing a diagram makes collaborating on for Confluence Server smoother than ever before. → Pricing table

Confluence Cloud integration
The app for Confluence Cloud lets you add and resolve comments on diagrams, in addition to all of the standard features, including customizations that let you diagram quickly in your corporate style. → Pricing table

Confluence Data Center integration for Confluence Data Center has all the features you are used to from Confluence Server. → Pricing table

A screen reader can read the text labels on diagrams. Plus offers a simplified Minimal theme which is great for new diagrammers or when working on tablets. → More information

Touch devices
You are used to using diagramming software on your desktop. But sometimes you want to work on a diagram when not at your computer. Put away your keyboard and mouse – works just as well on a tablet.→ More information


Commercial-friendly license
You get the best of both worlds with for Atlassian software - the transparency and security inherent in open source as well as the support and continuous development from a commercial vendor. → More information

Open source is open source software. This means you can audit our code when your security policies require it, develop your own plugins to extend functionality, and you'll always have a free tool to open and edit your diagrams, even if you stop using it in Confluence. → More information

Free online / desktop app
Do you need to share the diagrams you create in Confluence with people outside your organization? No problems - they can open and edit your diagrams with our online or desktop apps with all the same features as you are used to using. → Open online

Free offline app
Not everyone is connected to the internet at all times, but we want you to be able to diagram no matter where you are! also works offline. → More information

Jira apps and Trello Power-Ups
In addition to Confluence, you can create and store diagrams in your other Atlassian applications. More information

Third-party integrations
There is a full ecosystem of integrations available so you can diagram with no matter what platform you use. More information

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