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  • Diagramming in Confluence - Troubleshooting for the Gliffy mass importer
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Migration issues? No problem – here is what to do!

For complex Gliffy diagrams with custom shapes or non-standard formatting, errors in imported diagrams may appear. However, before you contact us please check if you prepared your staging environment correctly (see how to “ Switch from Gliffy to in three steps ”).

If the issues still exist, don't worry, we will find a resolution as quickly as possible. Please send an email to to report your issue and being sure to include the following information in your email:

1. Your Confluence version number

2. Your version number

3. The diagrams that caused errors as both .gliffy and .xml files

4. The import report as a text file (see "Download the report")

5. Your Confluence logs

How do I get to the Confluence logs?

1. Enable the logging and profiling

  • In your Confluence administration section, select Logging and Profiling from the panel on the left.

2. Configure the logging and profiling

  • Under Add New Entry, enter mxgraph as the Class/Package Name, select DEBUG , then click on Save at the bottom of the page.
  • In the Logging and Profiling section of the Confluence administration area, add a new entry com.mxgraph, select level ALL and click the Add entry button. Then, at the bottom of the page click Save.
  • You can opt to disable the logging later on by clicking the Remove link next to the com.mxgraph entry on this page.

3. Create the support ZIP file

  • In the Confluence administration section, under Logging and Profiling, click on Troubleshooting and Support Tools in the panel on the left.

  • Finally, on the Troubleshooting and Support Tools page, click on the Create Support Zip tab, then click on the Create button.

Run the Gliffy importer again for individual diagrams

If there are only a few Gliffy diagrams that haven’t been converted the way they should, you can take a shortcut to run the mass importer again. Of course this only applies if we enhanced the mass importer after you contacted us and issued a new version of After you updated, just open the Confluence pages that contain the specific Gliffy diagrams, go to the attachment section and delete the comment convertedtodrawio from the attached Gliffy diagram. After removing the comment, you can run the converter another time.

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