Existing draw.io customers

Benefit from an advantaged pricing

On February 2nd 2021, we will be increasing the subscription pricing for new draw.io for Data Center subscriptions (see our blog for details). We created an advantaged pricing plan for existing customers. You are eligible to benefit from this pricing plan, if:

    • you were already a draw.io for Confluence customer prior to February 2nd, 2021
    • you migrate to at least the same user tier in Data Center (only applies to Server to Data Center migrations). There is an exception, if you switch to a more favourable plan due to 1,000 user steps in DC.

→ To request your voucher, please tell us your current draw.io serial entitlement number (SEN), and (if you'd like to migrate from Server to Data Center) your target user tier in DC.

Interested in migrating over to us?

What if you'd like to switch from another Confluence diagramming app (like Gliffy) to draw.io?

You will be able to benefit from our advantaged pricing at the time of your initial purchase. 

→ To request your voucher, please provide us with the following information:

    • Serial entitlement number (SEN) of your current diagramming solution

    • The email address of the primary technical contact for the diagramming app you are using (you'll find this information in your myatlassian-Account)

    • Your target user tier in DC.

Note:  Your SEN and email address are mandatory so we can confirm your license and issue the voucher.

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