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Ever wondered how to integrate chat & meeting clients into Linchpin? Read how to create a connection to Zoom within Linchpin User Profiles.


In two steps and with only text input fields you can integrate Zoom into Linchpin User Profiles.

Follow the steps below to integrate Zoom into your system.

Create a hidden profile field

First of all, we need to create a new profile field. We will call it 'Zoom PMI' (personal meeting ID).

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile editor.

Create a new profile field. Select Text input as field type. Then, activate the Hidden in profile button.

Save the profile field.

Users need to enter their Zoom PMI (personal meeting ID) into this field.

Read here how to find your Zoom PMI.

Once a user entered their Zoom PMI into this field, the 'Zoom' field will become a clickable link to the user's Zoom meeting.

Create another profile field

Now we need to to create a new profile field. This time, the field will be visible in the profile. We will call it 'Zoom'.

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile editor.

Create a new profile field. Select Text input as field type. In the Show in profile section, select Show.

Check the Activate linking checkbox. 

Enter{cup.field-XX} as link URL.

We want to link to the previously created 'Zoom PMI' field. Change the XX to the correct value of the 'Zoom PMI' field. To find it easily, click on the Parameters for dynamic linking link.

Note that in our example it's {cup.field-20}.

If you wish to hide the URL, enter a link label. Call it anything, for example 'Create a Zoom meeting with me'.

Save the profile field.

The link we enter as link URL is dynamic. To join a Zoom meeting, you need a link to the user's Zoom PMI. With the help of the dynamic URL, we can replace the Zoom PMI with a link to the profile field which contains the Zoom PMI.

This way you don't need to enter 120 different URLs for 120 users. The dynamic URL will automatically replace {cup.field-XX} with the correct Zoom PMI the users have stored in their "Zoom PMI" field.

Position your 'Zoom' profile field

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile editor.

Via drag & drop, position the 'Zoom' field (created in step 2) to any desired position.

That's it!

This content was last updated on 10/21/2020.

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