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What is the visibility check?

Within the visibility check you can test if "User A" can see "User B" in a global context (search, people directory).

How do I reach the Space Privacy dashboard?

Navigate to Confluence administration → Space Privacy → Dashboard.

How does the visibility check work?

The visibility check works in one way only. The visibility check will always check if "User A" can see "User B" in global context (so within the search and the people directory).

Never will the visibility check verify if "User B" can see "User A". Remember: One way road.

To perform a visibility check, enter the names of two users into the fields "User A" and "User B". Then click on the Check button.

Follow the "one way road" logic. If you wish to check if both users see each other, you will have to perform two tests and switch User A with User B.

A green check mark means that User A can see User B.

A red exclamation mark means that User A can not see User B.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.