What is the InstaPrinta?

The InstaPrinta is a JIRA plugin by //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH for direct printing of JIRA issues. As many issues as desired can be sent to a compatible network printer or saved as PDF.

In addition, InstaPrinta supports JIRA Agile and backlogs; sprints, and work columns of an agile board can be printed.

The various print templates can be adjusted in DIN size, layout and fields.

The most important functions

  • Direct printing of issues from JIRA
  • Download of cards as pdf possible
  • JIRA Agile Integration
  • QuickCards – quickly print cards without relation to an actual issue
  • Various templates for immediate use on physical boards on Scrum and Kanban
  • Template user interface for use of user defined templates under
    • support of XSL-FO for editing own templates and
    • support of space holders in print templates for all standard issue fields and user defined fields
  • Detailed administration area for configuration of print functions in the complete JIRA instance:
    • Turn direct printing on/off
    • Group permissions for direct printing
    • Definition of a pre-selected template for printing and pdf creation
  • Possibility of project-specific configuration of:
    • Availability of direct printing function
    • An individual printer
    • Group permissions for direct printing
    • Compatible templates available for selection
    • An individual pre-selected standard template

Delivered Templates

Templates Basic 1, Basic 2, as well as Agile are the latest templates in a brand new design. Issue type and priority are visualized with appealing icons. There is sufficient space for issue names, summary as well as description. Each template has an adjusted footer with specific icons of the corresponding fields.

Basic 1

Basic 2


Created / DueCreator / AssigneeEstimation, SP, hLabels
Created / DueCreator / AssigneeComponentsParent
Epic LinkCreated / DueFix VersionComponents

The Print Menu

By selecting InstaPrinta in the top right corner the InstaPrinta Print Wizard appears.


  • The issue or issues are printed directly.

Save as PDF

  • The issue or issues are saved as PDF


  • Here you can select from existing templates. The template selection has an immediate effect on the layout of printed fields.


  • Version information, documentation, bug reports, contact information as well as feedback and rating

Issue View

From the issue view an individual issue can be printed.

Issue Search

In the issue search, all issues of the search result (a) but also each individual issue (b) can be printed. 

JIRA Agile

The InstaPrinta is fully integrated in all issue lists in JIRA Agile.

"Backlog" View

All issues of a sprint or of the complete backlog can be seen in the backlog view. 

Multi Selection

In Backlog view, a multi selection is possible: Press “control” and “left click” to select the issues, then right click on a preselected issue to open the context menu. Select “show in issue navigator”. Now the issues appear in the issue navigator and can be printed. If more issues need to be printed, it needs to be confirmed first to avoid undesired printing of issues.

"Active sprints" View

In the “Active Sprints” view of JIRA Agile all issues of a column can be printed in the InstaPrinta Wizard by adding the tags.

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