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Terms of Use - Documentation

Be always on good terms with your users

See the documentation for your Release





Release Notes 1.3.5

We are Confluence 5.9 ready and fixed some major bugs.


  • Confluence 5.9 compatibility


  • SQL-Statement to be compatible with Oracle Databases
  • Endless loop with invalid plugin license

Bugfix Release Notes 1.3.4

We fixed a bug with case insensitivity and usernames


  • The Terms of Use site has a CSS body class ("terms-of-use-content"), so you can style it easily


  • Problems with accepting the Terms of Use caused by case insensitivity side effects in usernames

Release Notes 1.3.3


  • User has to accept the Terms of Use before using your Confluence
  • If the Terms of Use change, the user has to accept again


  • Always check if user has agreed (not only after login)
  • Used login context for Terms of Use view


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