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Terms of Use - Documentation

Be always on good terms with your users

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See the documentation for your Release

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Add and Format your Terms of Use

  1. Set a Title
  2. Explain to your users, why this is important
  3. Insert your personal Terms of Use.
    Leave empty to disable the Terms of Use.

Note: 2. and 3. can be formatted with HTML

See the result

This is what the Terms of Use will look like for your users

Your users will see this view if

  • They log-in the first time
  • The terms have changed

You users will not see them if the content ist empty

Note: Even if your users are logged-in while you change the terms, they will immediatly get the terms of use view via a JavaScript redirect.

List of users

If you wonder, which user has agreed to the terms and conditions, you can find a list of all agreed users.

New in 1.6: Define recipients for revocations

You can define users and groups who should receive an e-mail notification if an user revokes the terms of use in order to take further steps, e.g. deactivate the user.

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