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Select space types

Linchpin Theme gives you the option to create space types to collect spaces categories together. Those will be displayed within the space directory in a separate section, so your users can find the spaces they are looking for more easily.

In the next few steps we will show you how to do it.

Space types overview

Clicking on the space type option will bring you to the overview of all configured space types. 
The list will be empty if you have just installed LTP.

To add a space type, simply click on "Create".

Create new space type

By clicking on "Create" a dialog will be displayed where you can set the title and the space categories which should be included in the new space type. Please notice, that you can only select existing space categories.

For example you can create a type called "Teams" and add every category which relates to a team space.

If you want a new space category, please visit the relevant space and set up the new category.